Defining a more enhanced

standardization level for future
space standard interconnects (SIs)

Design and Demonstration
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Design and Demonstration

Experimental Benchmark
Experimental Benchmark
Project Objectives
Project Objectives
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Orbital modular robotic

Is a key factor to support sustainability in Space. It is then possible to combine modular components to either create a satellite or, in the event of malfunction, to replace a module.

To connect such modules, standard interconnects with multifunctional features are required. The standards provide the laws to connect the space along different functional lines including among those mechanical, electrical, thermal and data. For the On-Orbit Servicing market, these standards play a key role to enable space connectors to mate two spacecrafts in a universal and serial way.


Europe Advances Space Connectivity Standards

European collaboration pioneers universal orbital module standards.

Breakthrough in On-Orbit Servicing Tech

Standardized interconnects enhance spacecraft mating efficiency.

European Project Unveils Universal Space Interface

Compact, serial interface addresses space connector interoperability gap.

Workshop #1

ROBY Robotic Arm presentation

Table for collecting information about the multifunctional interconnection

Kick-Off meeting January 2024